Diamond D Heat Cure

The strongest denture acrylic on the market today!

Diamond D H/C 1lb Pack

CODE: Acrdh010/011/012

$187.00 (Including tax)
450g powder + 240ml Liquid

Diamond D H/C 5lb Pack

CODE: Acrdh030/31/32

$594.00 (Including tax)
2.25kg Powder + 960ml Liquid

LIGHT - Out of stock - On Backorder

Diamond D H/C 25lb Pack

CODE: Acrdh060/61

$2,365.00 (Including tax)
12.5kg + 5x960ml Liquid

Diamond D H/C 1lb Powder

CODE: Acrdh020/021/022

$165.00 (Including tax)
1lb = 450g

Diamond D H/C 5lb Powder

CODE: Acrdh040/41/42

$539.00 (Including tax)
5lb = 2.5kg

Diamond D H/C 8oz Liquid

CODE: Acrdh050

$59.40 (Including tax)
8oz = 240ml

Diamond D H/C 1qt Liquid

CODE: Acrdh051

$110.00 (Including tax)
1qt = 960ml