Cements, Bonds & Adhesives

Metaphor Bond

CODE: Abc810

$82.50 (Including tax)

Mega Bond

CODE: Acr610

$38.50 (Including tax)

Disposable Micro Brushes

CODE: Dp341

$13.20 (Including tax)
Pack of 100

Al Dente Superglue

CODE: Abc600

$31.90 (Including tax)
20ml bottle.

Orbix Superglue

CODE: Abc610

$24.20 (Including tax)
28g bottle.

Orbix Accelerator

CODE: Abc620

$38.50 (Including tax)
237ml bottle.

Nobilium Tackyfier

CODE: Abc710

$55.00 (Including tax)
120cc bottle

Mega Wax Pattern Adhesive

CODE: Abc720

$33.00 (Including tax)
30ml bottle

Folibond - Thermoforming to Acrylic Adhesive

CODE: Abc500

$59.40 (Including tax)
20ml bottle with brush.

DFS Adhesive for Retention Beads 30ml

CODE: Abc700

$19.80 (Including tax)
30ml bottle with brush.