Denture Fit & High Spot Indicators

Colour Transfer Applicators

CODE: Aa300

$65.00 ($71.50 inc tax)
120 disposable applicators.

Bausch Arti-Brux - BK89

CODE: Aa600

$95.00 ($104.50 inc tax)
Kit contains: red indicator paint 15ml, Brush holder, 40 x microbrushes, 10 x Dappen dishes, polishing brush

Bausch Bio Ink Flow - BK205

CODE: Aa305

$80.00 ($88.00 inc tax)
Kit contains: 1 x Bio ink flow paste - 1ml, 10 x single use needles and 50 microbrushes, brush holder

PIP Spray Aerosol

CODE: Aa340

$55.00 ($60.50 inc tax)
30g spray.

Out of stock - On Backorder

PIP Tube

CODE: Aa330

$67.00 ($73.70 inc tax)
29g tube.

PIP Pump 4oz

CODE: Aa310

$253.00 ($278.30 inc tax)
115g pump.

Out of stock - On Backorder