Disposable Products

Disposable Mirrors

CODE: Dp100

$66.00 (Including tax)
Box of 60.

Disposable Mirrors - Bulk Pack

CODE: Dp101

$176.00 (Including tax)
Box of 180

Disposable Micro Brushes

CODE: Dp341

$13.20 (Including tax)
Pack of 100

Sterile Single use Exam Kit

CODE: Dp110

$4.29 (Including tax)
10 piece kit

Denture Cups

CODE: Dp500

$68.20 (Including tax)
Pack of 100

Denture Cup Lids

CODE: Dp501

$31.90 (Including tax)
Pack of 100

Mixing Tips

CODE: Dp300/301/302/304

$33.00 (Including tax)
Pack of 50

Intra Oral Tips - Small Yellow

CODE: Dp303

$27.50 (Including tax)
Pack of 50

Mixing Pads

CODE: Dp310

$7.15 (Including tax)

Mixing cups

CODE: Dp330

$71.50 (Including tax)
Pack of 150