Infection Control

Unicide 256

CODE: Ic100

$137.50 (Including tax)
1 litre.

Sanitizing Bath 1 Litre

CODE: Dh900

$49.50 (Including tax)
1 litre

Sanitizing Bath 3 Litre

CODE: Dh910

$99.00 (Including tax)
3 litre

Purell Hand Sanitizing Gel

CODE: Ic200

$49.50 (Including tax)
1.2 litre.

Purell TFX Touch Free Dispenser

CODE: Dh300

$49.50 (Including tax)
Touch-free, trouble free dispensing system. Automatically dispenses the perfect amount of Purell hand sanitizer gel in 1 shot. Features extra large... More

Table Top Stand for Purell & Gojo Dispenser

CODE: Dh301

$53.90 (Including tax)
Table Top Stand for Purell and Gojo

Gojo Hand Soap

CODE: Ic300

$49.50 (Including tax)
1.2 litre refill.

Surgiwipes Disinfectant Towelettes

CODE: Ic500

$16.50 (Including tax)
160 wipes per tub.

Clinicare Alcohol Towelettes

CODE: Ic520

$13.20 (Including tax)
220 wipes per tub.

Clinicare Neutral Towelettes

CODE: Ic510

$13.20 (Including tax)
220 wipes per tub.