Lab Putty & Duplicating Materials

Ultimate Lab Putty 2.6kg

CODE: Ld600

$126.50 (Including tax)
2.6kg Lab putty, 1 x 60ml catalyst/activator.

Ultimate Lab Putty 10kg

CODE: Ld601

$319.00 (Including tax)
10kg Lab putty, 4 x 60ml catalyst/activator.

Ultimate Catalyst/Activator - 60ml

CODE: Ld602

$20.90 (Including tax)
60ml tube.

Silaform Lab Putty 1.5kg

CODE: Ld610

$71.50 (Including tax)
1.5kg Lab putty, 1 x 40g catalyst/activator.

Silaform Lab Putty 5kg

CODE: Ld612

$198.00 (Including tax)
5kg Lab putty, 4 x 40g catalyst/activators.

Silaform Lab Putty 20kg

CODE: Ld615

$605.00 (Including tax)
20kg Lab putty, 16 x 40g Catalyst/activators.

Silaform 90 2 Part Lab Putty

CODE: Ld630

$159.50 (Including tax)
2 x 1.5kg tubs.

Silaform 90 2 Part Lab Putty BULK

CODE: Ld640

$792.00 (Including tax)
2 x 9kg tubs.

megafeel Gips Agar - 6kg

CODE: Ld705

$165.00 (Including tax)
6 kg bucket

Out of stock - On Backorder

Marmogel Duplicating Material

CODE: Ld700

$165.00 (Including tax)
6kg bucket.

Out of stock - On Backorder