Packing Bench Accessories

Formula X

CODE: Pba000

$33.00 (Including tax)
5 litre bottle.

Model Gloss

CODE: Pba400

$88.00 (Including tax)
4.5 litre bottle.

Schottlander Separating Solution 1 litre

CODE: Pba010

$27.50 (Including tax)
1 litre bottle.

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Schottlander Separating Solution 5 litre

CODE: Pba011

$99.00 (Including tax)
5 litre bottle.

Megasol Separating Solution 1 litre

CODE: Pba015

$38.50 (Including tax)
1 litre bottle.

Plastic Separating Sheets 4"x4"

CODE: Pba100

$27.50 (Including tax)
1,000 sheets.

Iso fix 25ml

CODE: Pba020

$18.70 (Including tax)
25ml bottle.

Iso fix 500ml

CODE: Pba021

$88.00 (Including tax)
500ml bottle.

Diamond D Dynasty Separating Brush

CODE: Pba030

$16.50 (Including tax)
Diamond D Separating Brush is used to apply tinfoil substitute to stone & amp; plaster surfaces. 195mm length x 10mm wide. More

Plaster Brush

CODE: Pba200

$6.05 (Including tax)
Wood handle brush with black bristles. 220mm x 15mm thick.