Pens & Markers

Click Pencil Mars 0.5mm Professional

CODE: Pm010

$15.00 ($16.50 inc tax)
Mechanical pencil for drawing and writing.

Click Pencil Triplus 0.5mm Student

CODE: Pm020

$10.00 ($11.00 inc tax)
Triplus Micro 775. 0.5 lead. Mechanical pencil for drawing and writing

Leads Refill 0.5mm

CODE: Pm011/012

$12.00 ($13.20 inc tax)
Available in Red or Blue Leads Pack of 12

Leads Refill 0.5mm 2B Black

CODE: Pm013

$4.00 ($4.40 inc tax)
2B Black leads Pack of 12

Clutch Pencil Professional 2mm

CODE: Pm100

$30.00 ($33.00 inc tax)

Clutch Pencil Student 2mm

CODE: Pm110

$20.00 ($22.00 inc tax)

Leads Refill 2mm

CODE: Pm101/102

$30.00 ($33.00 inc tax)
Red or Black

Lumocolour Marker

CODE: Pm200/210

$6.00 ($6.60 inc tax)
Black or Red

Veritas Indelible Pencil

CODE: Pm000

$6.00 ($6.60 inc tax)