Soldering and Welding

Universal Silver Solder

CODE: Sfl500

$127.60 (Including tax)

Special Electrodes

CODE: Sfl860 0100

$132.00 (Including tax)
Pack of 10

Flux Paste 50g

CODE: Sfl510

$36.30 (Including tax)

Soldering Rod 1mm with Flux

CODE: Sfl810tbd

$93.50 (Including tax)
11 pieces Silver Solder and 10g Flux

Nobilium Welding Rods

CODE: Sfl800tbd

$137.50 (Including tax)
31.1 grams

Nobilium Casting & Welding Flux

CODE: Sfl820tbd

$38.50 (Including tax)

Super Six Welding Rod

CODE: Sfl850

$23.10 (Including tax)
Pkt 2

Solder Flux-N-Sol

CODE: Sfl840

$77.00 (Including tax)
Pk of 4

Lazer Wire Co/Cr Partial

CODE: Sfl700

$38.50   $34.65 (Including tax)
per reel

Lazer Wire Nickel/Chromium

CODE: Sfl710

$25.30   $22.77 (Including tax)
per reel