World of Difference Box Set

CODE: Edu104

$326.70 (Including tax)
1 Dvd

Versacryl Improved Denture Design DVD

CODE: Edu110

$193.60 (Including tax)
Improved Denture Design Versacryl DVD: 4 hours CPD Points

Denture Injection Technique DVD

CODE: Edu120

$55.00 (Including tax)
Practical & technical demonstration includes: injection process, flasks, spruing, venting & injecting with both pneumatic injection unit &... More

Bleaching Splints Made Easy DVD

CODE: Edu130

$55.00 (Including tax)
Practical demonstration on bleaching splint construction.

Enigma Tooth Set Up Guide

CODE: Edu200

$4.40 (Including tax)
Book: Planning tooth positions. Setting up Anteriors and Posteriors. Verifying balanced occlusion. Aesthetic positioning for Class 3 jaw... More

Enigma Colour Tones Guide

CODE: Edu210

$4.40 (Including tax)
Book: Custom shade matching of Gingival tissue. The Enigma System.

MegaCast Pouring System DVD

CODE: Edu100

$145.20 (Including tax)
MegaCast Pouring System DVD: Step by Step Guide to the Pour and Cure technique. Fabricating dentures & other dental appliances using the most advanced... More