Pliers & Wire Cutters

Adams Pliers

CODE: Sipw100

$50.00 ($55.00 inc tax)
Adams Plier: for orthodontic, dental lab technician and prosthetist use. Made from high quality stainless steel with nice alloy handles.

Flat/Round Pliers

CODE: Sipw110

$50.00 ($55.00 inc tax)
Flat/Round: Perfect for bending and shaping wire, and for general use. Disinfectable Able to be sterilised More

Aderer Pliers

CODE: Sipw130

$50.00 ($55.00 inc tax)
Aderer pliers: 3 prong Narrow standing points for bending wires up to Ø 0,5 mm Disinfectable Able to be sterilised 13cm More

Universal Pliers

CODE: Sipw150

$50.00 ($55.00 inc tax)
Universal pliers: For wire cutting and shaping stainless steel Able to be sterilised

Half Moon Pliers

CODE: Sipw140

$50.00 ($55.00 inc tax)
Round moon Pliers: For bending and shaping wire Stainless steel, tungsten carbide points Sterilizable

Young Pliers

CODE: Sipw160

$50.00 ($55.00 inc tax)
Young Plier: Dental Plier to make small round loops rectangular wires. Stainless steel with tungsten carbide tips sterilizable

Superior Adams Pliers

CODE: Sipw200

$132.00 ($145.20 inc tax)

Superior Flat/Round Pliers

CODE: Sipw210

$132.00 ($145.20 inc tax)

Superior Aderer Pliers

CODE: Sipw220

$132.00 ($145.20 inc tax)
13 cms

Maun Wire Cutters

CODE: Siwc200

$115.00 ($126.50 inc tax)
Easily cuts stainless steel wire up to 1.2mm Lever action design to increase cutting power.