Moore's Mandrel

CODE: Mc006

$7.00 ($7.70 inc tax)
Suitable for Moore's discs

Mandrel for Wheels

CODE: Mc001

$3.00 ($3.30 inc tax)
Suitable for wheels and discs

Mandrel for Wheels Heavy Duty

CODE: Mc002

$4.00 ($4.40 inc tax)
Suitable for wheels and discs. Heavy duty

Spiral Mandrel

CODE: Mc004

$3.00 ($3.30 inc tax)
Suitable For Silicone Points

Mandrel for Disc

CODE: Mc003

$3.00 ($3.30 inc tax)
Suitable For Diamond Discs

Arbour Mandrels

CODE: Mc012,013,014,015

$9.00 ($9.90 inc tax)
4 sizes Available

3/4" and 1/4" - Out of stock - On Backorder

Grinding Cap Holder 7mm

CODE: Mc017

$10.00 ($11.00 inc tax)
7mm Grinding Cap Holder Mandrel for lathe Grinding caps sold seperately

FG-HP Adaptor Collet

CODE: Mc021

$9.00 ($9.90 inc tax)
For Friction Grip Burs. Collet Type

Spiral Mandrel with Hex Nut

CODE: Mc005

$3.00 ($3.30 inc tax)
Suitable for Rubber Points

Lab Min Mandrel

CODE: Mc011

$19.00 ($20.90 inc tax)
Suitable For Lab Min Silicone Points