megaCAST Denture Pouring System

Megasol Separating Solution 1 litre

CODE: Css015

$42.90 (Including tax)
1 litre bottle.

MegaCast Pouring System DVD

CODE: Edu100

$145.20 (Including tax)
MegaCast Pouring System DVD: Step by Step Guide to the Pour and Cure technique. Fabricating dentures & other dental appliances using the most advanced... More

megaCAST System Agar Kit

CODE: Acrms100

$714.00 (Including tax)
Agar kit for the megaCAST acrylic pouring system

megaCAST System Silicone Kit

CODE: Acrms110

$786.50 (Including tax)
Silicone kit for the megaCAST acrylic pouring system

megaCRYL N S/C 100g Pack

CODE: Acrmcn100/110

$55.00 (Including tax)
100g Powder and 50ml Liquid

megaCRYL S & N S/C Liquid 250ml

CODE: Acrmcn500

$108.90 (Including tax)
Liquid only 250ml

megaCRYL S & N S/C Liquid 500ml

CODE: Acrmcn510

$145.20 (Including tax)
Liquid only 500ml

megaCRYL N S/C 500g Pack

CODE: Acrmcn200/210

$217.80 (Including tax)
500g Powder and 250ml Liquid

megaCRYL N S/C 1kg Pack

CODE: Acrmcn300/310

$363.00 (Including tax)
1kg Powder and 500ml Liquid,

megaCRYL N S/C 5kg Pack

CODE: Acrmcn400

$1,331.00 (Including tax)
5kg Powder and 2 litre Liquid - PINK ONLY