megaCAST Denture Pouring System

Mega Bond

CODE: Acr610

$39.00 ($42.90 inc tax)

megaCAST System Agar Kit

CODE: Acrms100

$640.00 ($704.00 inc tax)
Agar kit for the megaCAST acrylic pouring system

megaCRYL N S/C 500g Pack

CODE: Acrmcn200/210

$198.00 ($217.80 inc tax)
500g Powder and 250ml Liquid

Clear - Out of stock - On Backorder

Teeth Holder

CODE: Eqfl502

$55.00 ($60.50 inc tax)
14 Compartment Teeth Holder

megafeel Exact Agar - 6kg

CODE: Ld720

$187.00 ($205.70 inc tax)
Reversible duplicating Agar

megaCAST System Silicone Kit

CODE: Acrms110

$715.00 ($786.50 inc tax)
Silicone kit for the megaCAST acrylic pouring system

megaExact Measuring Kit

CODE: Mb400

$33.00   $29.70 ($32.67 inc tax)
Kit for mixing and measuring acrylics

megaCAST Flask - Large

CODE: Eqfl520

$165.00 ($181.50 inc tax)
Regular flask - Blue

megaCAST Flask - Small

CODE: Eqfl510

$154.00 ($169.40 inc tax)
Mini flask - translucent

Mini Electronic Scales

CODE: Eqs200

$60.00 ($66.00 inc tax)
Batteries included