Microtorch, Gas Burners & Accessories

Kisag Portable Bunsen Burner

CODE: Mg022

$145.00 ($159.50 inc tax)
Supplied with 1 x Kisag Gas Refill

Aussie Portable Bunsen Burner

CODE: Mg020

$190.00   $171.00 ($188.10 inc tax)
Supplied with: 1 x White Lid Gas Refill Made in Australia

Bunsen Burner

CODE: Mg030/031

$54.00 ($59.40 inc tax)
Available in LPG or Natural

Blazer Micro Torch ES-1000

CODE: Mg001

$115.00 ($126.50 inc tax)
Easy one handed operation

Gas Refill Bottle White Lid

CODE: Mg021

$23.00 ($25.30 inc tax)

Gas Refill Bottle Red Lid

CODE: Mg011

$23.00 ($25.30 inc tax)

Blazer Portable Bunsen Burner

CODE: Mg023

$242.00 ($266.20 inc tax)
Sure start, adjustable flame

Gas Refill Bottle Small

CODE: Mg041

$23.00 ($25.30 inc tax)

Bunsen Burner with Wax Pot

CODE: Mg032/033

$65.00 ($71.50 inc tax)
Available in LPG or Natural

Kisag Gas Refill Bottle

CODE: Mg012

$19.00 ($20.90 inc tax)