Microtorch, Gas Burners & Accessories

Casting Torch

CODE: Mg050 02620

$181.00 ($199.10 inc tax)
Complete with 6 tips

Microtorch II

CODE: Mg040

$850.00 ($935.00 inc tax)
Includes: distributor, Handpiece with stand, 6 x needles various sizes, 2 x oxygen bottles, 1 x gas bottle.

Oxygen Refill Bottle

CODE: Mg042

$23.00 ($25.30 inc tax)

Gas Refill Bottle Red Lid

CODE: Mg011

$23.00 ($25.30 inc tax)

Gas Refill Bottle Small

CODE: Mg041

$23.00 ($25.30 inc tax)

Gas Refill Bottle White Lid

CODE: Mg021

$23.00 ($25.30 inc tax)

Kisag Gas Refill Bottle

CODE: Mg012

$19.00 ($20.90 inc tax)

Out of stock - on backorder

Gas Tubing

CODE: Mg062

$10.00 ($11.00 inc tax)
50cm length.

Gas Regulator & Hose

CODE: Mg063

$94.00 ($103.40 inc tax)
LP gas regulator for low pressure LP gas appliances. Supplied with a 1200mm LP gas hose.

Gas Adaptors - LP Gas

CODE: Mg064

$17.00 ($18.70 inc tax)
Suitable for LP gas.