Patient & Denture Care

SL Sonic Denture Bath

CODE: Pc700

$9.50 ($10.45 inc tax)
Fits 2 dentures Suction cup on base Batteries included

Betta Denture Cleaner

CODE: Pc200

$65.00 ($71.50 inc tax)
16 sachets to a box, 12 boxes to a carton.

Luxident Denture Brushes

CODE: Pc410/420/430

$85.00 ($93.50 inc tax)
Made by Luxident, each brush is presented in a hard clear plastic outer packaging case. There are 12 denture brushes packed within each shipping carton.... More

Klen-Dent Happy Feet Brush

CODE: Pc121

$25.00 ($27.50 inc tax)
Box of 12

Betta Denture Brushes

CODE: Pc210/212/214

$54.00 ($59.40 inc tax)
Made exclusively for Betta Dental, to our own design and specifications, our twin tuft denture brushes are available only to dental prosthetists and dental... More

Metrodent Denture ID Kit

CODE: Pc800

$35.00 ($38.50 inc tax)
1 metre of aluminium strip, permanent marker and full instructions

Swirl Mouthrinse

CODE: Pc600

$25.00 ($27.50 inc tax)

Dentalife SwirlPREP Antiseptic Mouth Rinse

CODE: Pc610

$15.00 ($16.50 inc tax)

Stainless Steel Bib Chain

CODE: Pc310

$8.00 ($8.80 inc tax)
Length - 47cm

Plastic Bib Chain

CODE: Pc300

$8.00 ($8.80 inc tax)
Length 47cm