Patient & Denture Care

Mouthguard Box Small pk/10

CODE: Pc010

$14.30 (Including tax)
Pack of 10

Mouthguard Box Large pk/10

CODE: Pc020

$14.30 (Including tax)
Pack of 10

Denture Baths with Basket pk/10

CODE: Pc060/062/064

$26.40 (Including tax)
Pack of 10

Denture Baths pk/25

CODE: Pc040/050

$42.90 (Including tax)
Pack of 25

Tats Denture Cleaner Box/12

CODE: Pc100

$75.90 (Including tax)
Box of 12

Tats Denture Cleaner Bottle 375ml

CODE: Pc101

$19.80 (Including tax)
375ml Bottle


CODE: Pc400

$115.50 (Including tax)
Carton of Caldent denture cleanser. 12 boxes of Caldent per carton. 16 sachets per box. A 4 month supply.

SL Sonic Denture Bath

CODE: Pc700

$10.45 (Including tax)
Fits 2 dentures Suction cup on base Batteries included

Betta Denture Cleaner

CODE: Pc200

$71.50 (Including tax)
16 sachets to a box, 12 boxes to a carton.

Luxident Denture Brushes

CODE: Pc410/420/430

$93.50 (Including tax)
Made by Luxident, each brush is presented in a hard clear plastic outer packaging case. There are 12 denture brushes packed within each shipping carton.... More