Patient & Denture Care

Large Bib

CODE: Ppr210

$121.00 ($133.10 inc tax)
Box of 500

Out of stock - On Backorder

Cello Econaps

CODE: Ppr200

$94.00 ($103.40 inc tax)
1,000 per carton

Appointment Book - 2021

CODE: Pc500

$75.00 ($82.50 inc tax)

Plastic Bib Chain

CODE: Pc300

$8.00 ($8.80 inc tax)
Length 47cm

Stainless Steel Bib Chain

CODE: Pc310

$8.00 ($8.80 inc tax)
Length - 47cm

Swirl Mouthrinse

CODE: Pc600

$25.00 ($27.50 inc tax)

Dentalife SwirlPREP Antiseptic Mouth Rinse

CODE: Pc610

$15.00 ($16.50 inc tax)

Metrodent Denture ID Kit

CODE: Pc800

$35.00 ($38.50 inc tax)
1 metre of aluminium strip, permanent marker and full instructions

Betta Denture Brushes

CODE: Pc210/212/214

$54.00 ($59.40 inc tax)
Made exclusively for Betta Dental, to our own design and specifications, our twin tuft denture brushes are available only to dental prosthetists and dental... More

Klen-Dent Happy Feet Brush

CODE: Pc121

$25.00 ($27.50 inc tax)
Box of 12