May Specials

Zubler AV1000 Grinding Station

CODE: Eqgb1000

$2,530.00   $2,150.50 (Including tax)
Micromotor & control not included.

Magnetic Bur Stand

CODE: Dh620

$7.70   $6.16 (Including tax)
Magnetic Bur Stand. Measures 60mm diameter x 50mm high. NOTE: Burs are not included.

Bur Stand Rotating

CODE: Dh600

$44.00   $35.20 (Including tax)
Rotating Bur for 3/32" (2.35mm) Burs and small tools. Measures 7" wide x 4" high. Centre cup measures 3" deep x 2¾"dia. to hold small tools. More

Alginate Syringe

CODE: Sias100

$27.50   $22.00 (Including tax)
Enables dentists to precisely place alginate into difficult to reach areas of the mouth. It can be loaded in a few seconds from the main alginate mix and... More

megaCAST System Agar Kit

CODE: Acrms100

$638.00   $542.30 (Including tax)
Agar kit for the megaCAST acrylic pouring system

megaCAST System Silicone Kit

CODE: Acrms110

$715.00   $607.75 (Including tax)
Silicone kit for the megaCAST acrylic pouring system

megaCRYL N S/C 500g Pack

CODE: Acrmcn200/210

$198.00   $168.30 (Including tax)
500g Powder and 250ml Liquid

megaCRYL N S/C 1kg Pack

CODE: Acrmcn300/310

$330.00   $280.50 (Including tax)
1kg Powder and 500ml Liquid,

megaCRYL N S/C 5kg Pack

CODE: Acrmcn400

$1,210.00   $1,028.50 (Including tax)
5kg Powder and 2 litre Liquid - PINK ONLY

Typhoon No.1

CODE: Btct01

$38.50   $32.72 (Including tax)
Typhoon No.1